The Taper Series reduces the already refined LED Light Blades into stunningly slender, tapering points.

The luminaire consists of slim, hand milled, seamless blades housing the LED light source in a unique manner and gracefully suspend in a range of three configurations – single, double, or triple tier. 

As with the original blades, Taper emit direct light downward while contemporaneously casting indirect light upwards providing additional ambience. 

The blades can be suspended from brass or stainless canopies and rods and offer limitless configurations as the functional blades may be rotated a ¾ turn to achieve a desired look for each space. 

BLADES are offered in the following selection of finishes: Gloss White, Gloss Black and Satin Brushed Silver.

Offered in standard blade lengths of 60”, 72" and a new 84” blade with rod length for drop specified at order.

Photo Credit: Raul Espinoza Photography